About Us

The team behind Chong Jian Construction Australia (CJCA) boasts extensive experience across both the local Australian property market and the Macau market – providing an optimal platform to bring complex residential and commercial projects to fruition.

Our approach


Taking a holistic approach to sustainability, we actively embrace Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles in all projects. Working with our clients and project stakeholders, we minimise waste and adopt work practices that meet strict environmental guidelines. On each project, we work to source environmentally friendly building materials that also meet design and budget objectives.

Our design team understand the nuances of implementing ESD principles, and we work to create buildings that are not only environmentally friendly but create spaces that the end user can live and work comfortably in. We use our knowledge to enhance a building’s energy performance through thoughtfully designed natural light, ventilation and building orientation – allowing for passive heating and cooling.


We are built on relationships. By collaborating with all project stakeholders, the strength of these industry relationships allows us to become a reputable and reliable name in the property industry both in Australia and internationally. By building relationships with critical suppliers and contractors, we have positioned ourselves to consistently deliver cost effective and timely results for all projects. Mutual respect and transparent communication is at the heart of our team and these qualities are what have enabled the long term success of our projects.

Open and honest communication between our team and our clients ensures that all performance benchmarks and desired project outcomes are clearly set at the beginning of a project. This allows our team to work towards exceeding these expectations, while leaving room for collaborative efforts throughout the duration of the project.

Key Personnel

Ryan Tang – Director

As a Vice Chairman of an esteemed Construction & Engineering company in Macau, Ryan Tang boasts extensive experience within the property industry. Ryan is results driven and highly motivated to ensure that each project he works on achieves the best possible commercial outcomes.

His technical expertise, combined with his innate ability to manage and coordinate all construction activities, ensure that all project deliverables are achieved on time, on budget and in line with all safety and quality guidelines.

John Yuan – General Manager

Consistently leading by example, John Yuan has spent over 20 years in the Australian construction industry. With exceptional managerial skills, John has played a key role in bringing a number of large residential and commercial projects from the design phase right through to post completion.

Alongside his management experience, John has extensive experience in a range of property industry services including development, procurement, design, construction and asset management. He prides himself on his wide network of business connections that assist him in building and maintaining key industry relationships.

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